We took over the Ojai Love Center for the “Discover Your Story (And Yourself)” retreat on Friday, May 3rd through Sunday, May 5th, 2019

It was an immersive weekend filled with inner and outer work (detailed below), delicious meals and bonding (with tarot reading and massage add-on options).


So many of us walk around with certain stories we’ve told ourselves, often because we're only part of the way through the journey and our overactive minds are coming to incorrect conclusions. These stories are often not only predominantly negative but also not remotely true.

In this interactive weekend, recovery advocate and NPR commentator Ryan Hampton and New York Times bestselling author Anna David will help participants break down these stories so they can see—and then share—the truth.

Following both the hero's journey (departure/initiation/return) and the butterfly's metamorphosis (caterpillar/pupa/adult), participants can discover where they are in their own personal journey so that they can not only see their lives as they really are but also share them with others.

Through writing exercises, worksheets and group discussions, participants will be guided through experiential workshops and interactive questionnaires meant to get at the root of their personal journeys.

While this is a workshop for anyone desiring personal growth, we will also be working with those who are interested in sharing their stories professionally in order to become thought leaders.

For anyone looking to enhance their personal growth and bond with others on the same journey, this retreat is a must. It is the ideal way to connect with a community in person that will last far beyond the weekend.

Through "Discover Your Story (And Yourself)" participants will be able to take away both self-discovery and practical tips that will impact their careers, relationships and the rest of their lives.

TURNING ON YOUR INNER HUSTLE - April 27th-29th, 2018

We took over a Hollywood Health and Wellness Center for a weekend, where we provided tarot readings, Reiki massages, meals and more. Attendees participated in exclusive one-of-a-kind events with WTF with Marc Maron's Dr. Stephen Dansiger and Mortified creator/Narrative Breathwork creator Dave Nadelberg, among many others.


SELL YOUR BOOK 101  - January 19, 2019

A day dedicated to the process and protocol for conceiving of, selling and writing a book about your journey from dark to light through panels, workshops and keynote talks, this event featured Oprah Book Club producer Jill Adams, author brand expert Sabrina Dax, best-selling, award winning authors Kristen McGuiness and Cari Lynn and much more.